Report from July 7th

After an excellent breakfast at The Plough Hotel I packed up my tent for the last time and set off towards Wooler.
The day was once again warm so frequent drink stops were in order. I met a guy looking for Neolithic carvings , the main problem was from the map , they were in waist high bracken and so were going to be very tricky to find.
The walk had one long climb in it and took me across rolling grouse moors. I did not see a single grouse. Grouse moors do not seem to be the place for wildlife.
Coming down into Wooler I was met by a young runner who very solicitously asked if I was Ok.
I said I was fine.
“Oh have you got enough water you do look hot”
“I told him I was fine and it was a hot day “ I explained how far I had come and he did look a bit perplexed.
“And you carry all your gear?”
He jogged away and I could sense his head shaking in a concerned manner.
I reached Wooler and found my new tent waiting for me. It was only slightly heavier than my old one but had aluminium poles and so hopefully would stand up to the rigours of my walk.
Tomorrow I could try it out wild camping near Beal.

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