Report from July 6th

I was woken by an early morning dog walker asking if I was Ok. From the depths of a wet and flat tent I airily replied ”fine thanks”
“Your tent is broken”
“I know”
I managed to get myself and my kit from out of the rainsodden ruins of the tent. This is when you are glad everything is packed in dry bags to things weren’t too damp.
I had fallen severely out of love with carbon fibre. tent poles and I suspect the company would be keen on sending out more free poles as “being sat on by a German” wouldn’t be a thing they’d guarantee their poles against.
Using the magic of Amazon a new tent was going to be waiting for me in two days in Wooler. The slight issue was I was staying in a campsite that night so the tent would need patching for one last time.
The day was already warm as I set off for a climb up to the highest part of St Cuthbert’s way at Wide Open hill.
Taking the opportunity of a coffee at an lovely community shop in Morebattle. I then set off on the ascent. The weather was interesting, it managed to combine a strong wind with heat and dryness somehow managing the worst of both. The views from the hill were lovely while the strong crosswind made climbing ladder stiles an adventure.
It was fascinating to watch the hills changes as the wind blew the clouds creating a patchwork of light and shadow on the fields.
However the hills do strange things to the weather. One particular field I noticed was in permanent sun for about an hour and half despite flying clouds in all directions. I noticed it because the farmer was literally making hay while the sun shines in the field.
I descended into Yetholm and set up my tent on the campsite with aid of parcel tape, a splinted pole and a request under my breath for divine intervention.
I then adjourned to the Plough for a , I felt , well deserved evening meal.
I had a Salmon starter followed by Chicken.
“Would I like a sweet” asked the barmaid.
“Yes please” I replied, “a Boris”
She looked at the sweet board.
“A Boris?”
“You know, an Eton Mess”
It was lovely and someone had listened and my tent stayed up all night.

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