Report from July 1st

Today was a second day on the Pennine way and a trip over a large area of moorland , and as I discovered bogs.
The scenery was definitely wild as was the weather with thunder storms and rain. You would watch a dark cloud approaching, breathe a sigh of relief as it turned away then get drenched by another one that had sneaked up from the opposite direction. Putting your foot in two feet of water in a bog doesn’t help either and I had to stop twice to pour water out of my boots.
I was glad I had changed my plans from wild camping at Byrness to going to a B & B. Sometimes the sun would make a brief appearance but in general it was a wet and windy day.
I finally got to Byrness and the last field I crossed was absolutely full of fingernail sized frog covering the path like a miniature plague of Egypt.
I resorted to walking in the grass as I had less chance of crushing them there.
I stayed at the Forest View Walkers Inn bed and breakfast which specialises in walkers, they had a drying room which was a great help!
I was their first coastal walker and so got my photograph taken for their Facebook page .
I also
The American’s i’d met the day before were also staying there which is another of those strange coincidences. They had booked their trip months before. I’d booked it 3 days before.

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