Report from June 24th

Leaving Bowness was quite a commmunal event as it is one end of the Hadrian’s wall coast path.

Thus, lots of walkers are setting off on the 85 mile path. As I move relatively slowly I got to have a chat as they passed. Most people do the path over 7-9 days which is a nice pace. I ended walking with a group of American ladies from New York who were great fun and has already done the Camino, the walk to Santiago De Compostella and were proudly displaying scallop shells to show this.

I then fell in with a group of lads who were planning to do the route in 4 days which was a really tough ask. I when they left me as I stopped for lunch one was already needing help with blisters and this was 5 miles in.

The American ladies caught me up again and we negotiated some local farm land and got caught up in the local version of bull running in Pamplona when the farmer got his cows in for milking and we were overtaken by a couple of hundred trotting Friesans.

My Americans stopped , and I pressed on to Carlise and a much-needed rest.

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