Report from June 23rd

After yesterday’s exertions I was looking forward to an easier days walking on the flat along trackways around the Solway Marshes. A pub meal to finish in Bowness then find a wild camp site.
The day went well as I pottered round the marshes, along long country lanes through large farms, the only downside was it was quite warm and there was a marked lack of shade.
I found myself a spot by the river and had a picnic lunch then set off for the afternoon walking session.
As I walked down another long straight lane a cow wandered into the road in front of me, gave me a cool gaze of indifference and then set about eating the verge.
Cows do wander the roads on Solway Marshes but only in certain well signed areas protected by cattle grids. This wasn’t one of those areas.
Inspection of the hedge revealed a cow sized hole on the other side of which the rest of the herd were looking for their missing sister.
I made one attempt to get her back through the whole but she wasn’t keen. My efforts also seemed to excite her friends and having the rest of them come through wouldn’t be good.
I set off down the lane to find the nearest farm which was about half a mile away, flagging down passing motorists to warn of errant cows.
The farmer, I suspect, was not keen on walkers , particularly those who brought them news of escaped cattle. Particularly,as they explained, those cattle weren’t theirs but “someone from away’s “ . I got the impression that away on the Solway Marshes “away” could be as little as 5 miles.
They said they would ring the owners.
My good deed for the day done I set off to Bowness.
The Kings Arms in Bowness was a welcome sight and I settled down to a pie and a pint. On the off chance I asked if they had any beds for the night.
They didn’t but “they knew a man who did”.
Thus I ended up spending the night in a £14 hostel dormitory. 16 beds with just me in it! Kitchen showers and a badminton court. A good end to the day.

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