Report from June 21st

A bit of a late start from Workington explained by an excellent cooked breakfast and it was the longest day so I had plenty of daylight to walk in. First stop was the supermarket as I had three nights of wild camping. Trying to negotiate a narrrow-aisled supermarket with a large back back and walking gear is always fun and today, a display of maltesers suffered a minor pole-induced avalanche.
Leaving the supermarket I went off through more of Workington’s wind farms and set off up the coast following the railway line.
I was partly following cycleway 72 which is known as Hadrian’s cycleway. I am now looking for Caesar’s bus route and Caligula’s multiple occupancy vehicle lane.
After lunch in Maryport it was more flat beach walking heading towards Silloth. As I wandered along the cycle way I was waylaid by a couple of cyclists who had seen me in the hotel in Workington and had wanted to see where I could get to. I finally settled in to beach side wild camp site and watched the sun set and the nights start drawing in.

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