Report from June 19th

A planned late start today as I was going to try and ford the River Irt at Drigg and so wanted to catch it at low tide.
The first problem was getting to the water as there was thick wet mud on the banks. Managing not to fall over on the mud it came to fording. The river was about 30 yards and about a foot deep. I’m not a fan of water and so I crossed slowly with a brief stop on a convenient bit of gravel in the middle. My boots and gaiters did me proud and I crossed with dry feet. I nearly fell flat on my face in the mud on the other side but my walking poles saved me.
Then I walked past Sellafield which as you can imagine has some imposing security fencing which sadly doesn’t help the view.
However the rest of the coast was worth walking and I had several walks along the beach itself accompanied by Oystercatchers and Ringed plovers.
The walk ended at St Bees where I had a long chat in the pub with people who couldn’t believe that I didn’t know where I was going to stay that night, just relying on my wild camp-site finding skills.
As it was I found a nice spot high on the cliffs and wa rewarded with the sun setting over Scotland.

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