Report from June 15th and 16th

Two days together as I did Walney island over two days.
I was accompanied on the first few miles by Harriet Curwell and her family, and chocolate Labrador. They very kindly brought sandwiches and pieces of their twins first birthday cake.
This meant they were there when after 200 miles of walking in England I saw my first official England Coastal path signs. Very exciting.
Walney island has extensive marshes and a nice coastline which is pretty flat. The only island is only 16 miles round so I did 8 miles on each day.
Interestingly it has one of Britains highest rated naturist beaches off amongst the sandunes to the north.
I very carefully tucked my binoculars away as I passed near but there were no naturists in view, though there were several pairs of nesting ringed plovers.
Barrow in Furness has some gorgeous brick dock buildings which are well preserved. It also has BAE systems submarine facility, which is one of the largest buildings I’ve seen. It is not as pretty as the Victorian brick ones.
The docks are big, I guess, to take submarines, though the local gulls seem to like them. The submarine site, home of our nuclear deterrent, has signs warning of aggressive gulls. Let’s hope that’s all that’s aggressive.

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