Report from June 13th

A good night in Ulverston despite getting called out for singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody, OK there was some air guitar involved, and some good pie.
Next morning it was a quick photograph of Laughing Gravy and his owners Stan and Ollie then back down the Ulverston canal and some coast following.
Previously I had been using routes such as the Cumbrian Coastal path but for some reason it didn’t follow this bit of coast so seeing there were footpaths marked I set out on a self guided tour.
It went quite well except that after a few miles the path petered out and Private Path no access signs appeared. So it was back on my old friend the A590 , now with pedestrian friendly newly mown verges.
I had a nice break at “the milk hut” a fully automatic milk, flavoured milk and coffee supply area on a farm.
Then it was a long trek along the A590 past the BAE submarine pens at Barrow to my hotel which was still on the A590. I think I’ve finished with it now as it comes to a stop when it reaches the sea on Walney island.

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