Report from June 11th

The wind that had been blowing all night was still blowing in the morning which meant no porridge as the gas cooker would either have blown out or blown over.
Luckily I found a cafe in a rather nice stately home, Levens Hall, and had a first for me, black pudding hash, which was in all fairness much better than home cooked porridge.
Getting to Grange-over-sands was slightly tedious as I first had to follow a cycle way which as arrow straight with little on the way of views.
Once I’d finished that I had about a four mile walk down the A590. This road has no pavement or any other concession to pedestrians. You have the choice of walking along the side of the road along with speeding holiday traffic or risk the broken glass, potholes and putrefying dead badgers of the grass verge which keeps you about a foot away from the speeding holiday traffic.
This is not fun!
I was relieved as I reached Grange-over-sands and treated myself to a shin of beef pie in the pub there.
Then it was a walk of a couple of miles towards Flookborough to find a wild camp site.
The wind was still blowing, the outlook for porridge in the morning did not look good.

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