Report from June 10th

Aided by a Wetherspoons breakfast and a good view of Eric Morecambe I set off in a cheerful mood from Morecambe.
The path took me along the mudflats and I got my first view of a cliff for a fortnight. Walking along the mudflats is made more exciting by the numerous signs warning me of rapidly rising tides, hidden channels and quicksand.
I was walking on the Lancashire coastal path which has almost no sign posts on it which keeps you on your toes when it comes to navigation.
There weren’t many settlements on the path so it was with some relief I got into Arnside in the afternoon. I strode up to the local pub, tripped over the step and fell over in front of the early evening drinkers. After a few moments of concern general hilarity set in as I explained I had walked 1100 miles and they questioned my ability to do that if I couldn’t negotiate the Albion’s front step.
On the good news front I’ve got some donations and followers from this but I don’t think I’ll use it as a regular fundraising technique.
Setting camp was made more difficult by the strong wind and this was due to continue for two days.

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