Report from June 6th

I am not a fan of MacDonalds but when you’re wild camped and a need to be packed up early in the morning then 24 hour service is a boon.
Having had a breakfast bap I set off to Blackpool. Clearing a gateway of a herd of curious cows I was soon in Lytham.
Lytham is a very well kept place with lots of people gathering litter. I had a long chat with Bart who runs walking groups there. He explained to me the difference between my walking poles which make my life easier and stop me falling over and the longer ones used by his groups which make their bodies work harder. I am sticking to mine!
In St Anne’s I came across yet another Lifeboat memorial for the people killed trying to rescue those in peril.
Another thing I noticed was that all the toilets were charging 40p for entry unlike Wales where most were free.
I reached the Blackpool prom and was quite surprised as it was pretty empty with only a few kids on bikes.
Once I got to the central pier I had a long chat with the lifeguards and their boss Lee who interviewed me for his Twitter feed.
Blackpool was now more lively with more fish and chip shops that you could shake a stick at.
My knee had shown no problems so I settled into my hotel content.

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