Report from June 5th

The knee was looking more it’s normal shape after a days rest in Preston but I played it safe with a shorter walk to just before Lytham.
Leaving Preston walking alongside the Ribble in the rain gave a jubilee memory as the church bells carolled out for a long peal before settling to a steady toll to call the people in to celebrate.
After an unscheduled wander around Preston’s recycling site due to a navigation error I was following the main road to Freckleton. This was not the most exciting view in the world but sadly there isn’t an alternative.
I made for the Coach and Horses Freckleton as it had BT sports. The aim was a Sunday lunch and watch the National League playoff between the team I follow, Grimsby Town and Solihull Moors.
The lunch was excellent but it took some while to get the TV switched to the football .
Just in time to see Solihull score.
There was live music at the pub so the TV was on silent. When Grimsby scored their equaliser my cheer was masked by the music.
The singer finished their set and I settled down to watch extra time.
Then another problem, there was a group of Welsh guys who wanted to watch Wales v Ukraine’s World Cup qualifier.
Sadly despite my protestations the World Cup took precedence.
So then it was listening to the live commentary on radio Humberside on my phone.
My yell of delight at Grimsby’s winning goal caused some consternation to a nearby Yorkshire terrier and his owners but it was worth it.
With Wales winning too, even the continuing rain couldn’t dampen my spirits as I set off to camp in a field near Lytham where the cries of the Oystercatchers were counterpointed by the smell of newly spread cow muck.

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