Report from June 3rd

This was to be a shortish 12 -mile walk to Presto finally getting to walk alongside the River Ribble.
The rain continued from the night before as I crossed the low lying and now muddy farmland.
I finally reached the embankment which bordered the Ribble. I approached a stile at the same time as another couple were approaching from the opposite direction.
Cliimbing a stile with a rucksack isn’t in my case particularly quick or graceful. Not wishing to delay the couple I made the mistake of trying to hurry.
My feet slipped on the rain sodden wood and I toppled over to the other side.
Having reached the other side I then made a mainly uncontrolled descent of the steep embankment by the river. Luckily my walking poles kept me upright as I tried to apply the brakes before I joined the Ribble.
I ended up slightly shaken and vertical and managed to climb up the embankment to greet the concerned couple above.
I have managed to bark my shin quite nicely of more concern was some swelling round the knee. However this has reduced with a days rest in Preston.
I’m going to do a couple of short days and then another day off in Blackpool to let it all recover.
It did give me the opportunity to watch the Derby in Preston and to join the local pubs jubilee celebration.
Onwards to Blackpool!

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