Report from May 30th

This was always going to be a bit challenging. It was to get me back alongside the Dee but on the English side.
Thus I ended up walking through the suburbs of Chester and into the surrounding villages. It was not tremendously scenic so I looked, rather unsuccessfully, for signs of Jubilee celebrations.
The weather was showery and as I trudged along another A road, I was pleasantly surprised to meet Jason who I had previously met in Burryport. He gave me a copy of his latest book and some very welcome brunch bars. Cheered up I plodded on.
Puddington was the start of more open country and I finally got on the Wirral way which, despite being long and straight was at least fume free.
When I finally got views of the Dee I was looking for places I’d been a few days before.
I am looking forward to turning North after West Kirby and that will be the start of the English Coast for me.

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