Report from May 26th

I left Prestatyn having found three different signs saying they were at the end of Offa’s dyke path. I visited all of them to be safe so have now walked “round” Wales. I have gone from Chepstow to Prestatyn via Offa’s Dyke path and the Wales Coastal path.
From then on it was a flat walk along the coast, admiring the Jenga like flood defence blocks piled up like abstract sculpture.
Then it was sand dunes and marshes before I finally said goodbye to the sea at Ayr point and I started to follow the Dee to the coastal path’s end at Chester.
Along the way I passed the beached ship the Duke of Lancaster . This was planned to be a tourist attraction but legal wrangles have left it rusting away where it has become a tourist attraction just not what was planned.
The Rhyl courier has done a piece about me which is longer than I expected but is very good.
I am settled into my pub in Greenfields Flint and am going to have an early start for my final day of the coastal path on Friday.
Then two days off in Chester before I start the English coastal path.

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