Report from May 24th

Leaving Conwy was made difficult as you kept getting good views of the town and castle and so kept stopping to take photographs.
The glorious views continued up the long climb to the top of great Orme. It costs £3.90 to drive up there and you’d miss the views. Lots of guillemots and razorbills nest on the cliffs and you can hear them chattering.
Once I got to the top of Great Orme I had my first view of England for over six weeks as I looked over towards Liverpool.
Llandudno is full of hotels, the whole seafront is hotels. So there were lots of people about. I got in to conversation though with a local.
A friend of his was pulling a cart up and down the Great Orme a thousand times for charity. He had done it 285 times and dropped dead of a heart attack. So this chap was going to take it on to try and do the remaining 715 . I’m better off walking 4000 miles. The Great Orme is very steep.
I then climbed the little Orme before tracking down my hotel in Colwyn bay which has changed hugely since I was last there 52 years ago.

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