Report from May 23rd

Leaving Bangor happened late mainly because I overslept and my sat nav for reasons unknown hadn’t charged overnight.
The path out of Bangor just wanders around in desperate attempt to get me back to the coast after I left it at Bangor.
After six miles of tracks, roads and pavements I finally got to the Menai straits to discover the whilst I was there the sea wasn’t as it was a really low tide.
The walk itself was a long 19 miles flat track except of a climb over the A55 tunnels at Paenmaenmawr.
It passed peacefully apart from a pair of mildly psychotic dachshunds at Llanfairfechan.
I was informed that Llanfairfechan is the home of Guinness as Arthur Guinness bought/stole the recipe from a Welsh farmers wife who brewed it for the local pub.
Conwy is has a magnificent castle and still has its city walls. The medieval theme was reinforced when I met a group of Knight Templars on their way to the castle to protect the newly elected Lord Mayor.
The day ended with a haddock pizza and a pint of Snowdon IPA.

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