Report from May 17th

Today was a two-part day. Part 1 make my way to Llanfacraeth to meet my friend Dave and have lunch, part 2 get to my B&B in Holyhead.
The first part went well till I missed a diversion in a swap and ended up walking along the top of a wall with three feet of water either side and a strand of barbed wire to support me.
Arriving to meet Dave we discovered the pub was shut. Dave purchased a sumptuous meal for me from the Premier Stores which we are in the pub garden.
The land lady of the pub discovered us and berated her husband for not opening on time. We adjourned inside for coffee.
The walk to Holyhead was in the rain but I managed to find the official start of the Anglesey Coastal path which is in the churchyard at St Cybi.
I did have an interesting conversation there.
“Why are you photographing that sign?”
“It’s the start of the Anglesey Coastal path”
“Where does it finish then?”

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