Report from May 15th

Definitely a sluggish day, didn’t really feel 100% at the start and it didn’t pick up till late afternoon.
A morning where everything seemed against you, path signs had vanished, kissing gates were too small to get through and all the hills seemed extra steep.
However the old brickworks were nice and it picked up in the afternoon when I got to the tern roost at Cemrys.
There were thousands of terns and I saw my first ever sandwich terns . I even saw them doing courtship feeding though with fish rather than sandwiches.
Had a chat with the warden who also having an off day, he had someone flying a drone over the terns, someone else was harvesting the really rare sea kale and someone had launched a boat which was now moored in the middle of the reserve.
Spent the rest of the day circumnavigating the nuclear power station before finishing up wild camping just beyond Bull Bay.

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