Report May 13th

I set off from Beaumaris with a quick look at the castle which I visited on a school trip some 53 years ago. It looks smaller. I guess all our childhood castles look smaller from adulthood.
The south east of Anglesey is full of big houses who cling very hard to the privacy. I saw more “Keep out”, “no footpath”, and ”private land” signs than I’ve seen over most of the coastal path.
All these signs are in English only so I suspect the owners are English too.
Just to make sure their view isn’t spoiled by the sight of some wandering walker they put up high hedges and fences so the view from the path is non existent.
However bits of the coast did break through and I had a nice lunch at the cafe at Penmon point.
I also found the biggest dovecote I’ve ever come across.
Finding a wild camp spot was tricky “no camping” ”no fires” but I found a bit of forgotten land near a caravan site.

One response to “Report May 13th”

  1. You camped in my garden in Northumberland. A pity you weren’t going to Anglesey otherwise I could have told you where my field was on Red Wharf bay(near Penmon) though I suspect it is full of thistles! It was a joy to have met you Steven and I wish you well on the rest of your courageous formidable journey. No more falls though please- next time you might not ‘land on your feet’


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