Report from May 12th

This was a relatively short days walk of 14 miles to Beaumaris, on Anglesey.
The walk along the Menaii straits was pleasantly flat but full of walkers who wanted a chat. This is always good but it does slow you down. One lad was carrying a full rucksack a full 50% bigger than mine. I asked him about how he’d got on wild camping in Anglesey. He looked at me as I had suggested he had an unnatural interest in sheep.
“I book all my accommodation before I go”
This raises the question if he didn’t have a tent in this vast bag, what was he carrying in it?
I crossed the Menai straits via the Telford bridge and made my way by road to Beaumaris. The term coastal path was a bit of an exaggeration for this bit as it was 90% inland road.
I got to my hotel in Beaumaris looking forward to the next three nights wild camping on Anglesey

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