Report from May 9th

Once I had left Nefyn I hit a hilly section of the path . Whether it was a surfeit of breakfast at Nick’s or just a long few days walking I was definitely on the sluggish side. I took an elevenses break at a lovely little chapel to St Bueno which keeps to the tradition of covering the floor with rushes and herbs. This makes it a target for the local goat population and their is a warning to keep the door bolted at all times.
The goats here are not the little fluffy ones from Pembroke but large, shaggy, bearded mountain goats who would eat you never mind your rucksack.
I had my longest continuous climb of the entire walk.From the bay at Porth Y Nant up past the Welsh Language college and on to the hill above Trefor about 1500 feet in three miles.
A quick snack in Trefor then the afternoon session which was an 8 mile walk alongside the die straight A499 in what had settled in to be steady rain and strong wind.
I was going to wild camp but a camping site appeared so I used that. The kind owner directed me to a sheltered part of the site.
Unfortunately the wind strengthened and changed direction. I got my tent up and as it flexed and rattled in the wind it was like being inside a hang glider.
The camp owner rang me and suggested As the wind had changed it might be better if I moved to another field. I declined thinking I could well end up in another field anyway if the wind got much stronger.
However my tent passed it’s test with flying colours and was even dry in the morning when I woke.

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