Report from May 8th

The mission today was to reach Nefyn so I could get a bed at Nick’s the ice cream seller. The day was bright and sunny and early on I turned an important psychological and literal corner as I finally got round the end of the Llyn peninsula and headed east along the ‘top’ of Wales.
However when I reached Port Colmon , I found there had been a landslide and the path was closed ad a diversion was set up . This added about 2 miles to the path, it doesn’t sound much but 2 on top of 17 already makes life uncomfortable.
As I started to follow the diversion I came across the Coast Cafe at the local caravan site. I decided to get some lunch as I was in for a long day.
Luckily for me the owner pointed out that I could ignore the diversion as long as it was low tide as I could just walk along the beach instead of along the cliff. Even more luckily it was low tide so I rejoined the path without the extra mileage.
I arrived in Nefyn and had a welcome shower and excellent curry at Nick’s.
He even sent me off the next day with a filling breakfast.
Hospitality of the first order.

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