Report from May 7th

After yesterday’s drenching it was delightful to walk in bright sunshine. A very steep climb at the start of the day helped dry my clothes out and I set off along the coast to Aberdaron.
I had a “pilgrims lunch “ at Aberdaron but sadly did not have time to make the pilgrimage to Bardsey island. However I did get to the little cove where they launched the boats for the island.
Stupidly I hadn’t topped up my water in Aberdaron so I thought there I would get some there.
This proved more interesting than I expected as the the chap I asked they didn’t have a tap but there was a cave in the cliff where fresh water came out the wall.
Filling my water bladder in the semi darkness while the tide came ever closer to the cave entrance was a new experience.
“It’s the best water round here “ he told me.
He was right.
From then on it was more climbing up and down as I rounded the Llyn peninsula and headed to Whistling Sands.
Ok , let’s clear up one thing .The sands at Whistling sands do not whistle. They squeak when you walk on them if they are dry and the wind has fluffed them up. Personally I think Squeaking sands has a nice ring to it.
Whilst I set my tent up I had one of those delightfully random conversations you can get into with locals. This one was on Neolithic sites in North Wales and the Orkneys
My sleep was delayed by a pair of Oystercatchers who are even more noisy than Stonechats.

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