Report from May 6th

The day started brightly as I set off to explore more of the Llyn section of the path.
I reached Abersoch by 1 pm and was progressing happily.
At 2:30, it started to rain, not too heavily, and I carried on onto the higher moorland. I met Sarah Williams who writes the Tough Girl Challenges podcast which has received several awards. She was also walking the coastal path and in the gathering rain interviewed me for her channel. After giving me some tips on how to use my selfie stick er both set off in the now increasing rain.
Durring the next two hours, the rain became harder, the headwind became stronger and the clouds came down reducing my visibility to about 30 yards.
Unfortunateely, this part of the path is barren of life and indeed shelter. There was no path to exit the cliffs so I was let to trudge on, getting damper and a bit more disheartened. my gear was doing it’s best to keep me dry but some was getting through.
By 6:30 the rain cleared and I finished ybdays walk with three hours of wiring my way across seemingly endless farmland containing two herds of skittish young cattle who were a bit obstructive congregating round the gates I wanted to use.
I finally got into my tent at 8:30 and set about trying my gear. I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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