Report from May 5th

Great motto

I finally said goodbye to the Dwyryd estuary with more sumptuous views as I set off along the Llyn peninsula.
I also came across the seat with a brilliant motto
“The best view comes after your toughest climb”
In general this part of the Llyn is a bit flatter than the rest of the path but the though still applies.
There were beach walks though to Criccleth and later Pwllheli. Criccleth has a ruined castle dominating it and I had a first, an Elderberry and Elderflower ice cream from David an ice cream seller and poet.
Past Criccleth there are low sandy cliffs which are home to sand martins who provide a constant chittering of happy song as they fly over the beach and cliffs.
The walk to Pwllheli included the A road section but a 3 mile walk along the beach at the end made up for it.
Pwllheli is a lively town and I was waylaid by some youngsters asking what mountain I had been climbing.
They were impressed as I explained I was walking the coastal path and offered me a draw their herbal cigarettes to help me recover. I declined.
I now have 3 or 4 days wild camping so updates may be patchy.
20 miles is the target for tomorrow!

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