Report from May 4th

The day started off well with steady rain and Harlech castle glowering out of the gloom. However by the time I’d had breakfast at a cafe just outside Harlech things had improved.
Today’s walk was across mainly farmland, complete with lambs and foals, with some woodland added in.
Then it was a question of walking round the Dywryd estuary which had some splendid views.
To get to Porthmadog you walk across the Cob, a sturdy bit of Victorian flood protection that keeps the surrounding area safe from sea storm flooding.
Whilst I and another couple were admiring the view we noticed we also had a good view of a hunting Osprey as it worked its way across the marsh.
My evening meal was at the ship Porthmadog, the first pub I’ve come across where everyone spoke Welsh. Luckily they also spoke English.
My contributions of saying thank you, no thank you and very good in Welsh caused a grin from my server whether of appreciation of efforts or mocking my pronunciation I’m not sure.

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