Report from May 3rd

Back on the road after a lay off in Barmouth. A dull day with the sea spitting at me along the prom.
I was waylaid by a chap on a bike who asked what I was up to. I explained I was walking the coasts for MIND. I asked what he was doing, he was doing the same track but on a bike.
On looking closely at the flag on his bike I realised something.
“You’re Timmy Mallett aren’t you?”
“Yes I am”
“Sorry I didn’t recognise you”
“I didn’t recognise you either “
Lovely guy and worth a follow.
One of those events that was incredibly coincidental and lucky.
The walk to Harlech was brightened by meeting another walker doing the Wales Coastal Path but in the opposite direction. We had a good chat trying not to give each other too many ‘spoilers’ over what they had coming.
The approach to Harlech lies through a patch of dunes where I wild camped. Note to self. Do not camp in future anywhere vaguely near nesting Stonechats. They are very noisy and very territorial. From sun rise they were ‘churring’ continuously at the tent, never mind the kerfuffle when I finally emerged to take it down and move on.

Timmy Mallett

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