Report from April 28th

The walk from Borth to Machynlleth takes you well away from any sea or even river, it has the most boring part of the walk so far , a 3 mile straight flat walk with a hedge on one side and a bog on the other. No bird song, no flowers, no people. Even I struggled with it. However things were to get more interesting.
I climbed up into the hills looking down on green fields and loads of sheep and their spring lambs. I heard a kefuffle way below me in the valley. It was two ravens sitting on a barbed wire fence both calling loudly. Even the surrounding sheep looked up with interest. Then I saw what they were calling about. Close by, walking steadily up the field, was a large sandy coloured fox.
It’s funny how conditioned we are by our childhoods. I was bought up on a farm with poultry and if you saw a fox you yelled at it to scare it away.
Before I really thought about it I hollered at the fox who was about 200 yards away. I called twice.
On the second call the bit of magic came. The fox stopped and looked up towards me. For a brief moment me, the ravens and the fox were held together. Then with almost a shrug of disgust the fox turned round and slowly trotted into the nearby trees and disappeared .
Now I don’t think I saved a single lamb; I don’t think the fox would try to take one in broad daylight. But I’d never seen ravens calling a fox out before, and folding time back to my childhood like that was a rare experience
Machynlleth was in a bit of a frenzy preparing for its comedy festival, and the pub staff suggested I got out early the following day. That night they we’re serving the festival technicians food. Seatings of 15 every half hour from 7 till 10. The comedy festival is a national event and vital for Machynlleth.

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