Report from April 23rd

Having set off from a wind swept campsite on the cliff top. The day settled down into a steady routine of climbs, drops and splendid views.
When I reached St Dogmaels I had completed the Pembrokeshire coastal path that had given such a wonderful time since 186 miles back in Amroth
Then it was on to Cardigan to pick up the Ceredigeon coastal path.
I was staying at a pub called the Black Lion. On my arrival they explained there was a function on that night and “it mght be a bit noisy”
After my meal I went to my room. I noticed two things, first was the relections of the function room lights in the windows across the street, second was the steady vibration of the floor of my room in time to the music echoing up from below.
Clearly I wasn’t going to get much sleep with this so I decided to go to the function.
Thus it came to pass that I attended the first-ever drag act to perform in Cardigan.
To those of us who haven’t attended a drag act it is ccertainly a lively experience a Serenity, the star, leapt around the room dancing to an assortment of songs and instigated drinking games. Not to be out done, one of the audience managed to land a standing backflip while wearing three-inch platforms with six-inch heels.
The event was in aid of Maesglas football club and in a touch of Phoenix nights, there was a raffle and despite the tickets only been sold in the room, it took half an hour to dispose of half a dozen prizes as the lucky winners couldn’t be found.
A good time was had by all!

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