Report from April 22nd

Fishguard was it’s usual lively self when I left, which wasn’t a bad thing as the start of the days walk was along roads.
The walk to Newport was fairly uneventful other than a dachshund who took a violent dislike to me and refused to be placated by kind words and treats by his owner and she finally had to carry him past me whilst he growled and grumbled.
Newport has a great estuary for bird watching with reedbeds, pools, streams, mudflats and sandbars. Saw some dunlin there.
I then had to wild camp further along the path. Unfortunately there was a five foot,barbed wire topped, sheep fence right next to the path. So effectively no where to camp. The farmer obviously had had problems with walkers as there were several “private land” and “no entry” signs.
I finally found a spot next to the path where I could just about put up the tent.
As I started I heard the rumble of a tractor and it appeared in the field next to me. It moved towards me and then the driver realised I wasn’t on his land and it turned away and trundled off into the distance.

Clearly they had been watching me as I walked round.

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