Report from April 19th

Another nights camping not helped by the patchiness of mobile phone signals. With 4g I can keep everyone up to date and listen to the radio. Phone signal on the path is at best patchy and normally non existent.
However last night I found a 4g spot with three bars! I waited a few minutes and it was still strong. So I put my tent up on an uneven slope solely because I could get a signal. I got the tent up and reaching for my phone and found; no signal. Not just no 4g but no signal at all. Left the tent wandered around, no signal. My theory is that Welsh sheeps’ wool absorbs phone signals so as they move around they block the phone masts.
A tough days walking to Strumble head. This included crag hopping or in my case crag stumbling as I climbed over a huge hill of rocks with no visible path.
Thank heaven for GPS.

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