Report from April 18th

A steady day with good weather and lots of hills. I walked past Ramsey Island and had a chat with one of the guys who organised wildlife boat trips there.
A modern problem wildlife tours is TV wildlife programs. People expect to see what they see on TV and moan if they don’t see seals fighting or peregrines stooping at 180mph for a kill. They don’t realise that thousands of hours of filming are needed to get one TV program. The tour company made a mistake last year of mentioning they’d seen an orca. The result was months of complaints from tourists when they didn’t see an orca.
Whitesands is a popular beach but in a phone black spot.
They beam broadband in via a nearby farmhouse for three users. The cafe, for card machines, the pay car park and the loos, where you can pay the 40p entry fee by card, contactless naturally.

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