Report from April 17th

After a scruffy previous day this one started well with a lovely view from my impromptu camp site. It was also helped by me being able to re jig my room bookings so I didn’t have to walk so far each day to get to Fishguard.
There was still the battery problem but I was hoping to solve that when I got to Solva.
Of course being a bank holiday Solva was rammed with free tables in eating places being at a premium. Luckily I managee to share a table with a guy trying to recover from his friends 30th that had finished at 8am that morning.
This was at Mamgu’s, home of welshcakes, where they recharged my batteries introduced mNeo various delicious flavoured welsh cakes.
Full of Welsh cake and with a bit more confidence I sat off to Port Clais and another random bit of Welsh camping.

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