April 16th

One of those what could go wrong did go wrong days. Discovered one of three back up battery packs had discharged without ever being connected to anything. I am doing 4 days wild camping so I’ve gone from sufficient battery power to just about enough.
Then my camera picked up a fault , not great but not an insuperable problem as I can use my iPhone, however this is going to cause further battery issues.
Then the days walk , whilst having beautiful scenery was the most severe climbing I have come across so far. Again this shouldn’t be a major problem except I’ve planned out the walk such that I need to be hitting 18 mile days. Over the first two days I’m behind that with little chance of getting it back.
So don’t panic but replan. Rebook my accommodation in Fishguard so I have an extra days walking. Use part of the time to try and blag somewhere in Solva to recharge if possible power banks.
Let’s see how tomorrow spins out.
Did get a nice photo of a chough though!!!

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