Report from April 12th.

Today was a short 12-mile walk into Pembroke, taking in two oil refineries, a dock and a power station. I was tired from the day before, and the scenery didn’t look inspiring, so I thought of a steady plod and a welcome day off.
And so it went until a few miles outside of Pembroke. I met a young lady and her Labrador walking the Coastal path to Angle.
She was pretty upset and explained that I might want to change my route because of the cows. They had chased her and the labrador across a field, and in getting through the gate at the end, she had cut her hand quite extensively. Sensibly she carried a first aid kit and had patched it up but showed me photographs of the original injuries and, indeed, the offending cows.
I explained I’d been bought up on a farm with cattle, so I wasn’t over-worried.
“Are you a cow whisperer? “ she asked.
“ more of a shouter”, I replied.
I didn’t want to ask if the Labrador was part of the problem as she was upset and blaming her by implication wasn’t a good move.
I tried to cheer her up by showing her pictures of my troubles with goats the day before. This, oddly, seemed to help. We said goodbye and I set off to confront the cattle.
I found them near Pembroke lying peacefully in their field. By the time I had stopped and taken a photograph of them, they were all on their feet and gathering around the gate.
On a closer look, they were youngsters and clearly looking for a game.
I shouted at them, and they pulled back enough to let me open the gate.
I walked across the field, followed by about 50 young cattle. Periodically I’d hear a scuffle behind me, and one would canter past snorting. I shouted at them, and they backed off.
I reached the other gate unharmed. If I had run, it would have been a different situation as the cows would have run too as part of the game they wanted to play.
I reached Pembroke and my very interesting hotel, more of which later.

One response to “Report from April 12th.”

  1. Each of my three labradors were on their own in this situation. I just shouted and waved my arms then they seemed to find chasing a labrador a better option and entertaining for me as the agile labradors could comfortably outmanoeuvre them


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