Report from April 11th

The day started with the wind blowing at about 40mph mercifully away from the cliff edges. Walking with a back pack in a crosswind isn’t an easy task but it did give me the opportunity to take lots of pictures of a very lively sea crashing on the rocks.
Then it was walking along the numerous firing ranges along this section of the coast. The problem here is not so much being hit by a stray shell or passing tank but stumbling over one of the 100 years worth of unexploded ordinance that is lying just below the surface. They say stick to the path. I stuck to the path.
After a long stretch away from the coast you finally reach the coast near Freshwater West. This has another big beach and lots of splendid waves pouring in pushed by a now mercifully quietening wind.
I now came across the scenic route to West Angle beach. The sign warned me it was “challenging “ and there were “no exits”. They didn’t mention the biggest issue on this path…
My feelings of slight misgiving weren’t helped by finding a waterproof bag with a bible in it. Not just any bible but one with the full Apocrypha, the bits most bibles miss out beloved of Dan Brown and UFO fanatics.
Shortly after the bible incident I decided to take a rest and have a biscuit or two. I placed my bag on the ground and set about unwrapping the biscuits.
I heard a faint sound.
They had arrived.
Five goats.
They found my rucksack a source of great interest and, in true goat fashion, tried to eat it. Having driven them off with my walking poles, which they also tried to eat, I tried to eat my biscuit, but they were back at the rucksack, which was starting to be covered by a thin layer of goat spit.
Eventually, I managed to combine eating biscuits with fending off goats.
I set off and noticed the goats were following me. I came to one of the usual steep descents. Going down these with a backpack is an exercise in placing feet and walking poles one at a time to avoid plummeting down a steep muddy path.
One of the goats skipped past me, not even on the path, in a display of goat sure-footedness.
An instant after, another goat launched itself into the gap between my left walking pole and my left leg with no warning whatsoever. However confident one is about the climbing ability of goats, having one push past you on a narrow path is alarming. Luckily I remained upright, and the goat passed by unharmed though I did question its parentage quite loudly.
I fell asleep quickly that night though not by counting sheep or indeed goats.


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