Report April 9th

The start of the walk in Laugharne, home of Dylan Thomas, follows the Birthday Poem walk, which matches verses of his poem to the local scenery.
Then a steady trudge to Pendine sands, home of various world land speed records and an enormous Museum and visiting centre under construction.
The coast on from Pendine is more typically Gower with lots of steep climbs and drops.
Saundersfoot was full of exciting tourist things to do which I studiously avoided. Unfortunately the climb out of Saundersfoot to get to Tenby was the steepest yet and after a 23 mile walk I arrived ready to collapse in a comfortable hotel room.
It was then things started to go wrong. When I got in my hotel room I found the floor covered in white powder and bits of tissue and a 3/4 full bag of polyfilla in the sink back downstairs while they sorted me another room.
This room was clean; I discovered it had no towels, no coffee and no soap.
Back down to reception. Towels weren’t a problem; the toiletries were as the harassed night porter couldn’t find them. I washed with my travel soap 😀
Not a great end to a day.

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