Report from April 7th

A shorter walk today after yesterday’s efforts. This was again going across country to reach the coast again.
A lot of the time was walking along sunken country lanes so the hedge tops were about 3 feet above my head. This means you end up plodding along a narrow lane with no views to the side other than the odd gateway.
I was delighted when I finally reached an open hill top. I was even more delighted when the sun came out. I was less delighted when the Welsh weather sent me 10 minutes of full-blown hail, which would have been much less chilling in a sunken country lane.
As a final insult, I met another walker shortly after coming up the hill. I commented on the hail, and she told me there’d been no hail in the valley, just a few spots of rain.
Mock the Welsh weather gods at your peril.

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