April 6th

Having had a good rest a Burry Port the next question was, where next? The path turns inland here to Carmarthen and there was no accommodation on the path until Carmarthen. Thus I was left with a 25 mile walk. As a further problem the walk was not going to be a flat bimble round the estuary but up and down in the side valleys.
However there were a couple of towns where I could get lunch so I decided to try it. The first few miles were flat and walking up the beach at Pembrey in a strong wind was , er, bracing. However I did see an angler land a bass. The rain then started and continued to my first lunch stop, Kidwelly. Kidwelly has two pubs and three tea rooms. All firmly shut.
Onto Ferryside 14 miles into the day. No pubs one closed cafe. This was not good. My entire food supply was four be-vita breakfast biscuits, half a packet of biltong and assorted mints. I ate all of it.
It took just under 12 hours to reach Carmarthen. I arrived at 7:50pm and was told they stopped serving food at 8:15.
Changed clothes, no time to shower and sat malodorously in their dining room. However the food was good and Double Dragon did its usual healing work.
A quieter day tomorrow.

2 responses to “April 6th”

  1. Glad it’s going well Steve, best of luck, hopefully catch up with you somewhere along the way .. very best of luck
    Rich 👍


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