April 2nd

A very pleasant start to the day at the ever friendly YHA at Port Eynon, then a fairly stiff walk to Rhossili with lots of valleys to climb in and out of but some lovely views.
I met with my friends Mark Bowman and Juliet Bowman on the way into Rhossili. We then had a version of the bull running at Pamplona as the local ponies saw the pick up with hay arriving and raced to it scattering walkers in their wake.
Cheese sandwiches in Rhossili and then Mark and Juliet walked with me for a few more miles along the path. It was interesting to note the only bits they walked with me on were flat. Before and after I met them I spent my time climbing. Mark explained this was known as planning.
Then I was off to more dunes and I camped in a sheltered spot amongst the dunes and settled down for the night.

Luckily the rain didn’t arrive.

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