March 30th

Had to do 29 miles over the next two days so obviously split that into 23 miles on the first day and 6 on the second. 😞
This was due to where hotels were available and as I’d had a rest day, I thought I’d give it a try.
It went quite well with just under 10 hours walking to do 23.4 miles. This included ploughing through sand dunes.
My walk took me through the Kenfig Nature reserve, mainly dunes, where I saw no one for two hours but there were some Wheatears about.
Next up was Port Talbot , which has a huge steel mill. However it also has a huge beach which stretches for miles.
Swansea managed the difficult trick of getting me near the city centre without making me walk along an A road or through an industrial estate by sending me along a disused canal towpath.
I left at 7:45am and arrived at my hotel 7:15pm , a good walking day.

River at Neath

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