March 28th

The morning started misty with a soundtrack of larks. The coastline is much more rugged now with cliffs and cwms, pronounced coombes, small valleys. The sheep nibbled grass made for easy walking. When I reached Ogmore-on-sea it was time to take a four mile diversion to get to a bridge to cross the river there. This was not proving exciting until I met a local who asked if I was going to use the stepping stones by the castle? I diverted slightly from the path to find in one 100 yard stretch, Christian William’s racing stables, a ruined castle and some stepping stones.

Getting across the stones was not easy with a backpack mainly due to my natural clumsiness but it did provide some entertainment to people visiting the castle

After this it was just a matter of climbing the sand dunes to arrive in Porthcawl and my much welcomed rest stop.

Stepping stones at Ogmore Castle

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