March 27th

Leaving Barry after having a breakfast in Wetherspoons and made my way to Rhoose point the furthest south point of Wales. There was a big stone monument there which two ten year olds were following the age old human instinct to carve their names on it.
The coast here is ‘geologically interesting’ in other words hilly.
By 5pm I was glad to see a sea side cafe. I wandered over for coffee and a burger . I was sad to see it was cash only as it meant unpacking my entire rucksack to find enough cash for this feast.
I ate this to the accompaniment of youngsters doing do-nuts in the car park to a musical accompaniment.
Then it was off to find a camp site. My first target was a light house but when I got there rather than an isolated automatic one it was a fully manned one with CCTV and a compound.
I pushed on and found an area near a car park. Looked hopeful toilets for running water and sanitation. Unfortunately it was being used by the local dogging/cruising community and so camping there could get er, interesting.
Finally found a quiet spot and settled after 10 hours walking. Woke to lark song in the morning.

Steps, my favourite

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