Day 5 report

Report from day 5. Much better day today. A steady 16 miles to Cardiff. An excellent fry up from Fanny’s Rest Stop Cafe set things off well.
From there it was walking along the coast on top of floodbank with wetlands on either side.
A bit of excitement when I found my first beach albeit only about 50 yards of shingle.
The walk into Cardiff took me past a waste reclaimation sit. This was full of gulls and at the time I was there a large number of fast moving dustbin lorries which made crossing the roads a bit lively.
Walking into Cardiff I was accosted by a local who was keen to help. “Where are you staying?”
“Citrus hotel”
“You’ll need a taxi mate it’s miles from here, I’ve just walked from near there “
“How long did it take you?”
“Nearly 40 minutes I reckon”
“I’ve walked from Newport today , I can cope with another 40 minutes”
He looked perplexed.
“You’ve walked all day?”
“Fair play mate”
It’s all a matter of scale people just don’t walk a lot now.

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