Day 4 report

Day 4 . A tough day starting off with the water problem. I had enough water at a push for the day but decided it would be good to top up. I spotted Goldcliffe church on the map and churches often had outside taps.
This one didn’t. But it did have a rainwater butt. Checked inside, no dead stuff, filtration should sort out anything else nasty. Not ideal but needs must.
Filled up my water bladder with 3litres. Left the church and went to rejoin the path.
Within 100 yards I found a pub which was open at 10am . Decided to replace dubious water from church with fresh here.
The cleaners were happy to help and ushered me into the ladies loo to fill up. In attempting to get the 3litres of church water into it resulted in a bit of a flood over the counter and me mopping up for some while. Which is why men should never be let in to ladies loos.
The rest of the day was quite hard and a 2 mile finish to the walk walking along the A4 into Newport didn’t help.
Sitting with a pint in the The Waterloo Hotel watching Wales beat Austria did help.

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